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Your essential cloud migration strategy checklist (guide)

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Everyone’s heard of the cloud. But do you know what it is?


It’s likely you already use it in your personal life, perhaps to store digital photos and documents, or even for backing up your phone.


When you access something in the cloud it means you are accessing information or using an application that’s on someone else’s servers.  Typically, these are in huge buildings placed around the world. It means you can access anything from anywhere on any device.


It’s fast, easy, and secure.


But When it comes to using the cloud for your business, what exactly does that mean?


Cloud computing is about moving all of your computing services – like your databases, your systems, and applications – to be stored in the cloud, rather than in-house on your own servers.


It can be a smart business decision. It’s a great way to:


  • Reduce costs
  • Make your IT infrastructure more reliable
  • Scale your IT as your business grows
  • Protect your data and keep it secure


But moving to the cloud can be complex. The biggest issue is the process of migration – of physically moving all your data from your in-house servers to a remote storage facility, without breaking something or losing data along the way.


It’s not a decision you should take lightly, and definitely not a move you should make without expert help.


With good planning and the right strategy in place, migrating to the cloud could be one of the best business decisions you make.  And that’s what this guide is for.


It’s a look at exactly how you start planning and strategizing for your business to move its IT infrastructure to the cloud. And because we really enjoy helping with this, we’ve also included a helpful checklist to keep you on track through your planning process.


Click the image below to instantly view the guide! Would you like to talk this through with one of our cloud migration experts? Contact us today or book a discovery session 



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