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Spam is making your business lose hundreds of hours every year

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Spam emails. Everyone hates them.

It’s not just the  pain of clearing your inbox of junk mail. Having to do this work is also a real productivity killer.


A recent report found that each employee can lose up to 80 hours a year filtering and deleting spam. That’s a sizable loss of productivity. Between 45% and 85% of emails generated each day are spam. Alarmingly, this includes malicious emails and those that seek to infect you with malware.

While the number of emails we receive each day varies, the amount of time lost filtering them adds up.

If one employee receives 30 external emails per day, they will receive about 30 spam emails in a week. This gives about 5 hours per year wasted sorting and deleting these emails. For an employee who receives up to 60 emails per day, that means an average of 11 hours wasted per year.

And if someone receives more than 100 emails per day, that’s about 80 hours wasted per year filtering those emails. Now add up the work time of all your team members, and you’ll see a big number.

What’s more, since some of these emails are phishing attempts (i.e., the sender wants you to take an action that will give them secret access to sensitive data), this also poses a big security risk to your data.



There are, of course, several things you can do to reduce the amount of time you spend fighting spam. First, use the spam and junk mail filters available through your email service. You can also consider implementing specialized anti-spam and anti-phishing tools.

And you can make employees aware of the dangers of spam, how to detect it, and how best to deal with it to save time and minimize the risk of malware or data breaches.


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