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How to upgrade your backup solutions to meet modern challenges

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Digital threats to your data and business operations – such as cyberattacks – have become more sophisticated and malicious than ever before.

It is therefore critical that businesses have reliable and well-tested backup plans that allow them to recover from attacks as fast as possible and without any damage.

This is an important yet neglected strategy for SMBs – which often struggle with complicated backup solutions and costly implementation fees, and are prime targets for attacks.

Fireeye reports that 77% of cybercrimes are aimed at small businesses, yet only 42% of SMB owners are concerned about cybersecurity.



Look for a backup solution with these useful features:

New backup targets.

Create backups on fast storage or backup to cloud, to make copies accessible from anywhere.

Copy data management.

Reduce the need to create backup copies of data by using a copy data management that provides virtual copies of data on demand.


Shrink backup data size through deduplication.


Ensure backups are protected from tampering through encryption.

Continuous data protection.

Minimize loss of data by backing up data every time there’s a change in real-time.


Make a modern backup solution part of your comprehensive disaster recovery strategy with support from real professionals Contact us today or book a discovery session.

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