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Does your business meet all the modern authentication requirements?

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Microsoft’s push to a more secure method for user authentication and authorization could catch some enterprises flat-footed if IT hasn’t done its homework.

Microsoft’s plan to improve cloud security could mean problems for incompatible on-premises systems and applications — and the users who rely on them.

Meeting modern authentication requirements might require heavy lifting

Many IT administrators have numerous issues to deal with that might limit their ability to perform the necessary upgrades for all their end users. These issues can include:

  • lack of device management tools to push out Office 365 upgrades to all the users;
  • the use of third-party add-ons to the Microsoft Office suite and lack of compatibility with the newer versions of Microsoft Office apps;
  • users who work remotely that make it more difficult to access and update those machines.

To work with modern authentication, other tools and application will require updates. Some third-party email apps will need an upgrade to the latest supported version that supports modern authentication; IT administrators will need to consult their software vendor to keep email working.


How to prepare for the Microsoft modern authentication deadline

Given the risk associated with the move to modern authentication, administrators will need an inventory of the systems that interact with Office 365 services. As part of this plan, administrators must outline where upgrades will be needed and any additional changes to meet modern authentication requirements, such as OS upgrades or replacement of apps that will not work with the updated security protocols.


Failing to get ahead of the looming deadline will cause issues with business email and communications that many companies rely on for their day-to-day business activities, don’t put your business at risk and hire reliable tech experts.  Contact us today or book a discovery session.


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