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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Customers’ Data?

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Protecting sensitive customer data on your networks isn’t just the right thing to do – it may now be a legally sanctioned practice.


Nowadays the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is granted with broad authority to penalize companies that had inadequate cybersecurity practices in place to protect their customers’ information from data breaches.

The recent ruling was ignited by an enforcement action against Wyndham Hotels and Resorts after more than 600,000 customer records were accessed in three different data breaches. The compromised data was sold on the Dark Web and resulted in more than $10 million in fraudulent credit card charges.



While it’s likely that Wyndham, as with most large organizations, had some cybersecurity protocols in place, they weren’t doing enough to protect their customers’ personal information and will now face the consequences.

The current presidential administration and lawmakers are taking notice and focusing on boosting the FTC’s ability to punish organizations for not doing their due diligence when it comes to protecting their customers’ information. Is your organization doing enough?


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